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Few manufacturers badges have been with us more than Porsche. Whether it is sports cars like the 911 , the drop-top Boxster , or the riduculously fun Cayman, or Porsche's latest crop of sedans and SUVs like the Panamera, Cayenne, or Macan, Club Sportiva is proud to feature Porsche automobiles. Browse our excellent selection of luxury and exotic cars today and you can be behind the wheel of an exotic Porsche tomorrow.

It's hard to talk about Porsche without starting with the Porsche 911. Like a fine wine, the 911 has been aged to perfection with over one million having been manufactured at Porsche’s Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany site. From an initial sketch in 1959 to the 911’s debut in 1963 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the 911 has continued to evolve and improve. Today, terminology like Carerra, RS, and even the word Turbo have become synonymous with the Porsche 911.

But the company is more than just the 911. Ferdinand Porsche founded the company way back in 1931 in the center of Stuttgart, Germany. After helping to build the "people's car", the Volkswagen Beetle, Porsche built one of their own car, the Porsche 64. In the late 1940s, Ferdinand Porsche's son, Ferry Porsche, could not find a car on the market that he actually wanted to buy. So he built his own, and that car would go on to become the Porsche 356.

With some sales success under their belt, Porsche as a company started to thrive. Additional success in racing with cars like the 550 Spyder meant that Porsche was looking to expand and apply that knowledge to new models, and the 356 was due for a major update. So in 1964 we got the first 911. The design office at Porsche assigned sequential numbers to every project, and the first 911 was designated 901. Peugeot's trademarks on all 'x0x' names meant that it was adjusted to 911. During the 1970s, the new front engined 928 was slated to replace the 911, which we all know never happened. The rest, as they say, is rear-engined history.

The 2002 introduction of the wildly successful Cayenne SUV set about a new era of sales success at Porsche and even funded the production world-beating Carrera GT supercar. Since then, Porsche brought us the more attainable Boxster and Cayman and expanded their lineup further to include the Panamera sedan and the smaller Macan crossover.

With new models like the amazing 918 hybrid hypercar, Porsche has proven that, even with all of the expansion, they are better than ever today.

Rent a Porsche today to discover why this German exotic manufacturer is still the best. Club Sportiva's inventory changes rapidly, register for free to get updates on new vehicles as they arrive. With Clubhouses throughout California, including locations in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Monterey, and Menlo Park@AutoVino, we have just what you are looking for for your next exotic driving experience, corporate event, or weekend getaway.

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