Tesla Model S P85D with Autopilot

Tesla Model S P85D with Autopilot


Exterior: White
Interior: Tan
Transmission: Single-Speed


Insane. That is the only way to describe the Tesla Model S P85D with Autopilot. It also happens to be the acceleration setting that unleashes a fury of thrust that catapults the 4 door electric sedan to 60mph in less than 3.2 seconds, a figure that is normally reserved for super cars. Unlike a super car, the P85D will make as much noise as a Charlie Chaplin film, a feat that you’ll likely appreciate as you hear your passenger’s reaction.

What’s the secret behind this grunt? The D gives us a subtle hint and stands for Dual Motor. Unlike a standard P85, the P85D receives an additional motor that is located behind the front axle. The combined power output of both motors is a monstrous 691hp or the exact amount of a Lamborghini Aventador (or more than two Porsche Boxsters). Unlike its internal combustion brethren, the power delivery of the Tesla begins at 0rpm, where it produces a dyno bending 681 pound-feet of torque. If you can’t comprehend that figure, it’s fine (it boggles our minds as well). Just know that it’s sufficient enough to run 11-second quarter miles in a 2.5-ton luxury sedan.

The interior remains largely unchanged from the P85. What you get is a modern and spacious styled cockpit with great build quality. The focal point of the interior is center console, which contains the largest production touch screen in a vehicle. The screen controls everything; the air conditioning, gps, radio, settings, and other interesting data. So go ahead and enjoy the closest thing to a spaceship for the highway.

With a range of 280 miles, the P85D provides a respectable range without causing range anxiety issues. For NorCal clients, you can easily take this car from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe. For SoCal clients, you can venture out from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. In any case, you’ll enjoy knowing you have the security of being in one of the safest cars ever tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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3.1 sec
Top Speed
Curb Weight
4,936 lbs




691 hp
Torque (lb-ft)
687 ft-lbs


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