Lotus Elise

Lotus Elise


Exterior: White
Interior: Black Leather
Transmission: 6 speed manual


While vehicles continue to get larger and heavier, Lotus has remained steadfast in creating lightweight cars, such as this Lotus Elise. Weighing in shy of 1 ton (the typical sports car easily weighs 3000lbs these days), the Elise has achieved this nearly impossible feat without going on a magical Hollywood diet or compromising the driving experience. Its execution can only be explained by the fact that Lotus has managed to focus on what isn’t required in the car, as much as what is required, to make this gem of an automobile.

The lack of weight is a beautiful thing. Not only can the vehicle run smaller and lighter components without effecting performance, it also reduces the amount of unsprung weight the car has to deal with while maneuvering. With the added benefit of being configured with a mid-engine layout, the Lotus Elise is composed in most situations, communicating every nuance to the driver. This is the closest you’ll get to drive a go-kart that actually has a roof.

Stepping into the interior, you might notice that it’s a bit bare. That is completely intentional, as additional amenities would add weight, which would then cause a detriment in performance.

If you have always wondered what a Spartan interior looks like, the Elise is your best example. Every aspect of it is purpose built, and provides a no frills zone, sans a few map pockets to select your next back road. All expenses have gone into the seats, which support you laterally and have you sitting lower than a Hobbit in Lord of the Rings. After all, when the vehicle is rolling, you’ll be focused on the road ahead.

When reserving the Lotus, be sure to ask our Client Liaisons to ask about their favorite back roads in Northern and Southern California. This happens to be one of our favorite cars, as well as our Members. If you happen to be in Southern California in the Los Angeles area, we do recommend driving this vehicle on the coastal canyons by Santa Monica and Malibu, as they provide a glimpse of the Elise’s true agility without breaking any speed limits. If you are Northern California and coming from the San Francisco Bay Area, we recommend visiting Highway 1 through any of the beautiful back roads that extend from Silicon Valley.

Rent the Lotus Elise from one of Club Sportiva's locations in San Francisco, San Jose, Carmel, Napa Valley, Los Angeles or San Diego!


4.7 sec
Top Speed
Curb Weight
1,950 lbs




Naturally Aspirated
1.8 -4
Mid Engine
190 hp
Torque (lb-ft)
133 ft-lbs


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