Ferrari California

Ferrari California


Exterior: Abu Dhabi Blue
Interior: Tan
Transmission: 7 Speed Dual Clutch


Rent the Ferrari California and drive the exotic convertible named after our great state. The California is designated as Ferrari’s entry model, but don’t assume it doesn’t have the performance, looks, and pedigree to bear the Ferrari emblem. To understand how special this vehicle is, recall that the California name has only been used twice, first for the 250 GT and then for the 365. Both are now the most sought after Ferraris in the world with 7 figure price tags.

The Ferrari California pays homage to its convertible predecessors with a folding hardtop that protects you from the elements in the winter and exposes you to all the vitamin D you’ll need in the summer. What also gets revealed is one of the most appointed and comfortable interiors that Ferrari has made. With navigation as standard, the infotainment system creates a sleek minimalistic dashboard that creates more interior space.

Like the California’s of the past, this one is best suited to grand touring and can handle long distance excursions without exhausting you. The magnetic dampers provide a relaxing ride regardless of the surface, and can be adjusted to firmer settings if necessary with a flick of the Manettino toggle on the steering wheel.

When the Manettino is adjusted to Sport, the car comes alive, letting you know that its Ferrari F430 derived motor is ready to unleash all 454hp. With quick millisecond shifts from its dual clutch transmission, the California let’s out its Ferrari trademarked wail all the way to 7750rpm, all while obtaining 60mph from a standstill in less than 4 seconds. While acceleration is superb for this GT, the manner in which it stops is outstanding, thanks to its carbon ceramic brakes.

The California is one of the easiest Ferrari’s we’ve had the pleasure of driving. The manner in which the vehicle can transform from a GT coupe to an Exotic without any compromise makes this a great all rounder. We recommend the California for your next wine country excursion, whether you are venturing to Santa Monica from Los Angeles or Napa from the San Francisco Bay Area, as you’ll experience the epitome of Ferrari.


4.0 sec
Top Speed
Curb Weight
3,825 lbs




Naturally Aspirated
4.3 V-8
Front Engine
453 hp
Torque (lb-ft)
357 ft-lbs


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