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Vehicle Usage

You can reserve a vehicle over the phone or over the web. Vehicles are reserved in advance, on a first-come, first-served basis. While some vehicles may be available last minute, we do recommend booking early to ensure your reservation.
Daily rental mileage is typically limited to 100 miles. For example, if you book the vehicle for a 2-day outing, you’ll receive 200 (100 x 2) complimentary miles. Overage penalties apply on a cost per mile basis, which can vary by vehicle. However, if you intend on exceeding the daily mileage limit, pre-paid mile packages are available at a discount.
Yes. But don't worry; most policies cover all the cars in Club Sportiva's collection.
Club Sportiva offers secure parking for your vehicle while you are out enjoying your outing.
Each vehicle has its own charm and character. Club Sportiva ensures you are comfortable in each vehicle you use by providing a comprehensive "driver control tutorial," covering everything from starting the ignition to operating the convertible top and radio. Note: Some vehicles may be equipped with a manual transmission. If you do have any questions in regards to the specifications of a vehicle, please feel free to call for more details.
Each vehicle provides a unique set of accommodations that may suited to your event, trip, or getaway. Whether you are venturing out on a weekend trip or want to enjoy a drive to the beach, let us know what your goals are so that we may provide the ideal vehicle for your outing based on factors such as reservation length, distance, performance, and more.
You can reserve a vehicle for a week if it is available. If you require the vehicle for a longer duration, please call to inquire.
While we expect you to treat the vehicle as if it were your own, we do clean the vehicle with our in-house detailers when you drop off your vehicle.
Club Sportiva has partnered with an established travel company to offer a comprehensive 24/7 Roadside Assistance Policy that can help you in the unlikely event that the vehicle has a malfunction.


Call 866-719-1600 or Apply Now to learn more about the Club and arrange for a personal tour of one of our Clubhouses. Potential Members will then proceed through the nomination procedure. This allows us to maintain a premium level of service while also giving us a better chance to know our Members.
Membership is the best way to drive any vehicle in our collection without worrying about maintenance or storage. It's this passion for cars that brings our Members together to create a truly special atmosphere and forge friendships. As a Member, you’ll receive access to services, events, and Clubhouses to meet the needs of your active lifestyle.
  • 25% are under 40 and 45% are over 50
  • 25% are women
  • Top interests aside from cars: Travel, food, wine and fine dining
  • 85% of our club members own 2 or more vehicles in addition to club membership
  • 40% of our club members already own a fun weekend car
  • Top driving occasions using our cars include: family outings, blending the car into everyday activities, weekend getaways
Points offer you the flexibility to utilize deposited funds towards any service provided by Club Sportiva. For example, you can purchase a flight with our partner SurfAir, rent a vehicle, join an event, and more. The list of services and products is continually growing to encompass your active lifestyle.
No, the whole idea behind Club Sportiva is for people who want to drive luxury and exotic vehicles without the complications and the costs of ownership. It is an affordable alternative to owning and leasing. Many of our Members, however, do already own a fun weekend car (or two) and love the flexibility Club Sportiva provides them.
Switching cars is exactly the reason the company was founded in the first place. We hope you try different vehicles in the Collection and gain an appreciation for each, as they all have their strengths, from our entry level Mazda MX-5 to high performance stunners like the Lamborghini Huracan.


Club Sportiva does provide delivery services via a custom enclosed carrier, 7 days a week. Delivery charges may apply. Complimentary delivery is available to Members who have selected to partake in our Unlimited Delivery Program.


We have 3 models that enable Members to participate with a CarShare vehicle. Depending on the program, benefits and cost savings include not having to pay sales tax on the purchase of a vehicle, no cost to insure, maintain, store, and/or detail the vehicle. Learn More

About Us

Club Sportiva has Clubhouses in San Jose (San Francisco Bay Area), Los Angeles, and Menlo Park. Our flagship Clubhouse in San Jose offers 8000 square feet of facilities for events, meetings, and vehicle storage. We have partner locations that extend our services to San Diego and Las Vegas.
Founded in 2003, Club Sportiva pioneered the classic car “timeshare” concept. By 2008, its offering grew into a fleet of exotic, luxury and sports cars, where Members had timeshare access through Points purchased annually. Through several iterations of its business model, Club Sportiva has expanded into the The Enthusiasts Lifestyle, providing a unique opportunity for Member and Non-Member car enthusiasts to participate in the world’s most unique sharing model across a multitude of experiences.
All vehicles have been hand-selected by Club Sportiva. Their interiors and exteriors are in excellent condition. Moreover, the mechanical condition of each vehicle is pristine.

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