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Isaac and Sia look forward to having everyone join us for our next drive. It's been too long, thanks to SIP, but we're excited to get back out there together, safely.

We plan on meeting at Club Sportiva - Silicon Valley at 4PM, and departing at 430PM sharp. With overall traffic still pretty low, we should be fine making our way down 880 to 85 to Skyline during that hour.

We have a couple ideas for dinner, depending on the extent restaurants can serve food with outside seating.

We will either have dinner in Half Moon Bay or back up at Alice's after we explore some of our favorite roads down to the coast and back up the hill.

Please RSVP here or on the CS APP and mark your calendars!


Sia & Isaac



This drive is for Members Only and those invited by current Members of Club Sportiva.

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Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 04:00PM


Club Sportiva - Silicon Valley

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